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Kung Fu & Tai Chi Training in Kensington, Maryland

Give your mind and body a workout with Kung Fu and Tai Chi training from our instructors in Kensington, Maryland. We offer adult and children's classes designed for all levels. Gain valuable skills in self-defense at our martial arts school.


This class allows students to learn all of the basic exercises of the Hung Fut System. Stretching and strengthening exercises, basic stances, punches, kicks, and short routines are emphasized. This class focuses on the fundamentals necessary at any level in the Hung Fut System. All students are required to attend 2-3 times per week.

Handset (Empty Hand Forms)

Our forms are based upon the 10 Animal Styles. The handset classes teach self-defense techniques while developing speed, power, and endurance. Each form is designed to build upon previous skills and prepare the student for the next form in the system. The handset curriculum has been refined to allow an accelerated yet thorough learning sequence from beginning to advanced forms.


Weapons are an extension of your arms and, therefore, more advanced than handset forms. Students learn to move with different sorts of weapons and thus develop different types of physical coordination and muscle groups. The first weapon a student learns is the staff form. The Hung Fut staff is one of the most famous staff forms in Chinese history. Other weapons include broadsword, spear, ja ma do, and straight sword.


Sparring class applies the combat techniques of forms to practice fighting situations. These classes represent the lessons of a lifetime of fighting experience by the Grandmaster of the Hung Fut System. Classes are grouped into basic, intermediate, and advanced. Many of our instructors are both national and world champions of full-contact competition.

Children's Classes

Specially adapted to the needs of children ages 5-11, this class was created to help young students develop discipline, confidence, and fitness. It gives children an opportunity to learn the basics, forms, and weapons of the Hung Fut System.

Tai Chi & Tai Chi Weapons

Also called moving meditation, this gentle Chinese martial art has many positive health benefits. In addition to internal energy development, Tai Chi helps promote greater vigor and provides relief from stresses and muscular tension.

Lion & Dragon Dancing

Traditionally performed by Kung Fu schools on holidays and special occasions, this class gives students the opportunity to learn this ancient Chinese folk performance.

Special Seminars

Self-defense, training, and Kung Fu history are just some of the special seminars offered by Sifu or his top students. We invite you to contact Tai Yim Kung Fu School for complete details.

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